Couples are expected to attend a series of discussions with the Parish Priest, which explore the Sacrament of Matrimony and the commitment of the couple to each other.
Married couples in the parish, who are members of the Richmond Deanery Pre-Marriage Team, present courses for couples preparing for marriage. In the company of other couples attending, the course enables each couple to reflect on their commitment to love one another, and on how this is valued by the Church, through the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Marriages in the Catholic Church may only take place between two people in the sense that :

  • They have not been married before;
  • The partner from their previous marriage has died;
  • Their previous marriage has been annulled by the Church

Catholics should normally marry in their own parish church or in the parish of one of the parties. Those who wish to marry in a different parish should discuss this with their own Parish Priest as well as the priest of the parish in which they wish to marry.

If either party has a family connection to St. Winefride’s – e.g. through Baptism or Confirmation; parents’ marriage; worship as a child – the parish priest will be happy to discuss marriage in this church. If not, apply to the parish priest of your local church.

Catholics who wish to marry in a non-Catholic church must ask a priest to apply for a dispensation from the bishop; they will be expected to undertake the same preparation as if they were marrying in a Catholic church. To book a wedding please contact the priest for an appointment and try to allow a minimum of six months notice. This allows sufficient time for the necessary paper work.