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Just to make sure that these children have covered everything, could you ask your children to read again Chapters four, five and six of the Holy Communion Book.
If you have a suitable Bible, could you make sure that they read or have read to them, the following stories.

Adam and Eve.
The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)

Normally, there would be a break over Easter, but I imagine that it might be easier to continue with some routine, so I will be continuing to post work.
From the week after Easter, I will post some questions. These can be answered by email, or by writing out and sending a picture.

Thank you for your help. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them to me.
God bless,
Fr. Francis Lynch.



General. The first holy Communion is scheduled for 7 June, and I’m assuming that this will go ahead without problems. If the crisis continues, we may well have to postpone this. As soon as it becomes clear either way, I will let you know.

Communications. I do not have a full list of emails and phone numbers for the parents of first holy Communion children. Could I have these as soon as possible. I need the following information:
child’s full name and date of birth:
date and place of baptism.
Contact phone number and email address.
These are most conveniently sent by email, in which case of course I will have your email address automatically.

First holy Communion classes are cancelled until further notice.

I will send out details and suggestions for preparation for the children from time to time, preferably every week.

I would normally visit the family’s of first holy Communion children in the months beforehand. Obviously, this is now unlikely to be possible.

I would ask the parents to be actively involved in the children’s preparation. At least once a week the children should be reading a Bible story, or have it read to them. By the time of first holy Communion, the children should have at least an outline knowledge of some of the main events of the old Testament, and the life of our Lord.
There is also essential Catholic teaching which is not always given in schools, especially since many of our children do not go to Catholic schools. The essentials are covered in the first Communion book. We would normally cover the contents of this book during the course of the program, but much of this may have to be done by the parents. At least some of the details in the book will be new to some of the parents, so this time will not be wasted.

Try to spend at least a few minutes with your children each night to say some prayers. Encourage them to pray for the members of their family including yourselves and themselves, that God will look after you all. Especially in this time of uncertainty, remember that God will always look after them.

I will leave it at that for the moment. If anyone has any questions, please phone, or send an email.

God bless you all,

Fr. Francis Lynch