From now on, I will give the children one chapter of the book to read, a suggestion of some stories from the old and new Testament, and a sheet to complete.

The sheets can be printed out, and you can put them through the door to presbytery, or send them by email. If neither is convenient, just let me know that you have been through them with the children.


I’m hoping that during this time the children will continue to read the first communion book and print out and fill in the sheets each week.


I am assuming that the children will have read the first seven chapters already.


The suggested timetable is as follows.


April 26      chapter 8. Holy Communion.

May 2         chapter 9. The parts of the Mass.

May 9         Chapter 10. Sin.

May 16       Chapter 11. Confession.

May 23       chapter 12. Seven Sacraments.

May 30       chapter 13. Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.

June 6         chapter 14. Catholic practices and customs.

There will be a sheet each week, generally relating to the chapter the children have just read.

Please let me know if you feel that what they are doing is either too complicated, or to simple.


Below is an indication of Bible stories that most children should know. They are best told with the aid of a children’s Bible with pictures. If you have the time, it would be good to check that the children remember at least some of the stories from the previous week. I would tend to say not what did we read last week, but rather Tell me about Noah’s Ark.


I hope to phone the first communion families during the week, and to send out email messages. If there’s anything which I should be doing, or would be useful, please let me know, either by phoning or by email.


The date of first communion. At the moment it does not look as if any date in June  will be possible.
I will pencil in the following two dates: Sunday, 12 July and Sunday, 6 September.
If the church is open by July, we will have first holy Communion for any of the children who wish it on the 12th. This will be entirely up to the children and their families. I am offering it for those families who would like the first communion in the summer.
The second date, is 6 September, I very much hope we will be back to normal by then.
In this uncertain time, we may have to make further arrangements. If any family has particular needs, we will definitely try to accommodate them even if it means a special mass for the family.
If anyone has any comments, thoughts, or questions about the above, please get in touch.


First confession will be aligned to the first holy Communion dates.


This week.


Could you ask the children to read chapter 7, and to do the sheet at the bottom of this page. They should also read the following Bible stories.

Noah’s Ark.

The sacrifice of Isaac.

The finding of the child Jesus in the temple.

Jesus turns water into wine.




Bible stories that every child should know.


Old Testament. God creates the world.

God creates Adam and Eve.

The temptation of Adam and Eve.

Noah’s Ark.

The sacrifice of Isaac.

Moses in the bulrushes.

Moses and the plagues of Egypt. (The children should know at least three of the plagues including the River Nile turns blood, the plague of darkness, the angel of death).

The crossing of the red Sea.

The giving of the 10 Commandments.


David and Goliath.

King David and the Philistines.

The judgement of King Solomon.

The three boys in the fiery furnace.


New Testament.

The Annunciation. Gabriel announces to Mary that she will have a son.

The birth of Jesus in the stable.

The finding of Jesus in the temple.

Some miracles. Children should know at least a few of these.

Jesus changes water into wine.

Jesus walks on the water.

Jesus multiplies bread.

Jesus cures the blind man.

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.

The teachings of Jesus.

Jesus chooses Peter.

The sermon on the Mount.

The apostles. The children should know at least three or four of the apostles.

Jesus is condemned to death.

Jesus dies to take away our sins.

Jesus rises from the dead.

Our Lord ascends into Heaven.

Jesus and Thomas after the resurrection (doubting Thomas)

the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

The conversion of St Paul.

The travels of St Paul.