The Parish has been in existence for over 100 years. The Marist Fathers (The Society of Mary) first established a Catholic Mission in a temporary chapel in Kew Gardens Road in 1898. The church was opened in 1906 and was served by the Marist Fathers until 1984.

Our church is dedicated both to Our Lady of Loreto and Saint Winefride. This double dedication arises because the Founder of the Society of Mary had made a pilgrimage to the Loreto shrine in Italy in 1833 immediately after asking for papal approval to establish the Society; and Saint Winefride was the favourite saint of one of this church’s principal local benefactors. The Church was opened in 1906 and the side aisles, baptistery and chapels were added in 1968. Remodelling of the sanctuary took place in 1977 and – in celebration of the centenary – the church was refurbished and decorated in 1998.