Canon Law says that marriages are to be celebrated in the parish where either of the parties lives.  If both parties are Catholic the celebration may take place in the parish church of either party.  Mixed marriages are ordinarily celebrated in the parish church of the Catholic party.

Marriages can be celebrated outside of your parish(es) with the permission of your parish priest(s) or a bishop.

If you wish to enquire about getting married at St Winefride’s and are not registered as a member of the parish please provide your address and telephone number so that we can determine which parish you live in.

If you are living outside of St Winefride’s parish but have a family connection to St Winefride’s – e.g. through Baptism or Confirmation; parents’ marriage; worship as a child – Fr Tom will be happy to discuss marriage in this church if your parish priest is in agreement.

Please note that if either of you has been married previously (whether in a church or a registry office) and if your previous partner is still alive, you should consult your own parish priest unless you have already been granted an annulment.

In all situations it is advisable to contact Fr Tom at least 6 months before your planned wedding date.  This will allow sufficient time for the necessary paperwork to be completed.