It is common for Catholic schools to require the parents to ask the priest to sign a form, which is often part of the entrance form. They usually ask me whether the child has been coming to mass regularly for the previous two years, and if so how often. The only way I can sign this honestly is with your help. Consequently I ask children to sign each week when they come to church.

Signing forms is suspended during lockdown.

If you are expecting your child to be entering or moving to a Catholic school within the next year, please get them to sign the form at the back of the church each week. If the child is under five years old, it is quite in order for one of the parents to sign on their behalf. But if the child is over five they should make some attempt at a signature themselves. Remember that the school is generally asking for the mass attendance of the child.

If you have just moved into the area, it makes a lot of sense for the priest of your previous parish to sign the forms instead. Please sign the forms at the back of the church anyway and I will write a covering note.

Please note that from now on the signatures on the forms at the back of the church will be the only basis on which I sign school forms. If your children have not signed the forms, that is what I will tell the school.

Obviously, I make allowances for the fact that people go on holiday and are occasionally ill.