Parish Activities are Suspended until further notice.


The main activities of the parish of daily mass, and sacraments. There are additional activities in Advent and Lent. You may wish to get involved in some or more of the following.


Church activities.


Sunday Mass: Sat 6pm, Sun 9.30 & 11am

Holydays; 9am, 7pm

Weekdays: Usually Mon,Wed, Thurs, Fri. 9.30am , Tues 7pm. But check the newsletter.

Exposition: First Friday from 9.50am

Confessions: Sat 5.30-5.50pm and on call.


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.The ministers assist the priest in taking communion to the housebound, and in assisting with communion during masses. A minister must be commissioned and will be a confirmed practising Catholic in good standing.

Readers. The priest or a deacon reads the gospel but the other readings from the Old and New Testament are usually read by a layperson.

A reader should have a clear and pleasant voice and wish to communicate the message of God given in the Scriptures.  It is good to have a variety of ages, accents, and a mixture of male and female readers.

Servers. The servers add to the dignity and solemnity of the mass. They assist the priest at the altar. Some basic training is needed, and much is picked up on the job.

Servers are typically boys who have received their First Holy Communion, although men are also encouraged to serve, particularly on weekdays.

Welcomers. It is important that newcomers to the parish feel welcome when they arrive. Some will never have been to this church before and some may never have been to a Catholic Church at all. The welcomers hand out the mass books and hymn books, but also look out for anyone who seems to need assistance.

Choir. Music is one of the most important parts of the mass. The choir both encourage the congregation to sing the hymns and the parts for mass, and also sing more advanced pieces of music.

Cleaning. There is a group of volunteers who clean the church each Thursday. It is fairly light but very necessary work, and the cleaners meet afterwards for tea and cakes.

Flowers and decoration. The look of the church and the solemnity of the mass is much improved when the church is decorated. On most weekdays this decoration is principally flowers and arrangements, but lights and candles and other decorations are also used. It is work that allows considerable demonstration of creativity and artistic arrangement.

Children’s liturgy. The children are often taken to the hall for the first part of the 930 mass. During this time the Bible readings are explained to them and they do activities based on these readings.


Other activities.

Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP). The Society of St Vincent De Paul helps some of the poorest, most vulnerable, and neediest members of our society. In some areas monetary contributions are most important, and in Kew there are many emotional needs such as loneliness. The society needs people with practical skills, knowledge of the various systems of local government, or a kind and compassionate nature. If you feel you could help please contact the Presbytery.

Coffee mornings. It is good for the parishioners to be able to meet each other informally and coffee mornings are a simple and easy way of doing this. But they still have to be organised.

First Friday lunches. These lunches have several purposes. They are run in aid of charities, who both wish to publicise the good work that they do, and wish to raise some money. But it also reminds us that many people in the world will be going without food today, and many more will have a very restricted diet.


Yearly events.

There are several events of great importance to the life of the parish which occur each year. For many of these extra assistance is also welcome.

Carol concert. We need people to sing in the choir, to welcome at the church door, and to provide and serve refreshments including mince pies.