Our-Lady-of-Loreto-and-St-Winefride                  Our Lady of Loreto & St Winefride                                     

Fr Francis Lynch

1 Leyborne Park
(020) 8940 3101

Email: kewgardens@rcaos.org.uk



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Opening of the church and other matters.


The churches are now also allowed to be open for private prayer. The government has put relatively few restrictions, but the bishops have insisted on a few more very strict guidelines, which will mean that most churches will reopen with  very restricted opening hours.

Because of this we will only be able to open the church at the following times for the moment:

The hours will be Mon-Sat 10-11

The bishops are insisting on two stewards being present at all times. Consequently we will need volunteers to act as stewards.

Volunteers. We are looking for people to volunteer anything between half an hour and two hours, once a week or once a fortnight. The duties are minimal, mainly just to be in the church and ensure that nothing terrible happens.

If you can volunteer, please email and give an idea of:

your possible or preferred days.

The time you can give.

How often you can come.

So a typical response would be:

I can manage Mondays or Wednesdays for one hour each week,

Any help, even half an hour a fortnight would be much appreciated.